Working to preserve the Golden Hinde II for future generations

Golden Hinde Trust (GHT) is a charitable organisation whose aim is to maintain and preserve the Golden Hinde II for educational and public use, ensuring its history and legacy remain an important part of English heritage.

Through a wide range of programmes and special events, we hope to engage with individuals both young and old and become a leading centre of learning about Sir Francis Drake, Tudor history, and the beginnings of the British sea-faring tradition.

As an entirely self-funded charity, we use all income generated from hire, bookings, and ticket sales to maintain the ship for future audiences to enjoy.

Our work includes day-to-day tasks such as sanding and painting, as well as long-term projects like the major restoration work we undertook in 2012.

We are also constantly fundraising to ensure the Golden Hinde II does not fall into disrepair – a fate that befell its predecessor in the early seventeenth century.

If you would like to support our valuable work and help us preserve the ship for future generations, you can get involved in three main ways:

Please click on one of the options above or call us on +44 (0)20 7403 0123 to find out more.