Golden Hinde II

Relive the past with our fun and educational tours

Come aboard the Golden Hinde and experience what life was like for a Tudor sailor.

Our interactive tours offer the perfect blend of history and entertainment, and are ideal for families and individuals alike.

Events are held throughout the year (except Christmas/Boxing Day), and you can check availability/order tickets by calling +44 (0)20 7403 0123 or e-mailing our Events Team.

Guided Tours

Suitability: Family-friendly

Bring the history of the Golden Hinde to life as you explore every part of the ship on these fun and interactive tours.

Tickets: £7 Adults, £5 Children, £20 Family.

Self-Guided Tours

Suitability: Family-friendly

Explore the Golden Hinde at your own pace with our self-guided tour programme.

Tickets: £6 Adults, £4.50 Children, £18 Family.

Drake Fun Days

Suitability: Children 6 years+

Join our madcap characters and relive the life of Sir Francis Drake through informative stories and fantastic games.

Tickets: £7 Adults, £5 Children, £20 Family.

Tudor Fun Days

Suitability: Children 6 years+

Step back in time and learn about the House of Tudor using fun games and activities that children will love!

Tickets: £7 Adults, £5 Children, £20 Family.

Pirate Fun Days

Suitability: Children 4 years+

Let your little pirates join our crew, raise the anchor, and fire the cannons – before trying to find the treasure we have hidden on board the ship.

Tickets: £7 Adults, £5 Children, £20 Family.

Tudor Battle Workshop

Suitability: Children 6 years+

Join this amazing event where you will be transported back to the 16th century as members of the Golden Hinde crew.

Tickets: £7 Adults, £7 Children, £25 Family.

Journey Through Time

Suitability: Family friendly

The ship will come alive as you explore the decks and discover the more colourful members of our eccentric crew.

Tickets: £7 Adults, £5 Children, £20 Family.

Family Overnight Living History Experience

Suitability: Children 6 years+

Spend a night aboard the Golden Hinde, with Tudor-style dinner and continental breakfast included.

Available: Monthly (March to October) Saturday 17.00 to Sunday 09.00.

Tickets: £42.95 per person.